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As one of an elite group of L'Oreal Professional Salons in America, Paule Attar and her staff use L'Oreal's professional products for color and repair, along with expert styling techniques that make L'Oreal Professional salons the top choice for women all over the world who want great hair color, condition, and style.


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There is no need dream about getting your hair done to perfection when it can easily become a reality. Look like you are stepping off the cover a magazine when you get your beauty services done at the Paule Attar hair salon and spa. Paule Attar is the primary spot in Seattle to get the latest and trendiest hairstyles. No need to dream about looking great when Paule Attar can easily transform you into the epitome of beauty. The friendly staff of Paule Attar Hair Salon and Spa will help you to not only choose great hairstyles to suit you, but will also evaluate and help you to choose the best colors and tones that will easily complement your overall look. We take hair designs styles and care to whole new level.

Most exclusive Hair Salon in Seattle

Providing a long line of beauty hair care and skin products, Paule Attar Salon and Spa remains Seattle’s favorite. With a staff that is experienced and dedicated, we are committed to our task and will always create a hair style that is perfect and unique to you. Get highly personalized treatment and what most clients appreciate is the fact that we provide our clients with relevant information as we pride ourselves on the importance of consultation. Our bottom line is to always ensure our customers look and feel their best Take advantage of the advice we will give you about your hair so you can have it always at its best. You can peruse our price listing so you can have an firsthand knowledge of our affordable services.

Trendiest Hair Salon Seattle with Top Class Services

Paule Attar Salon and Spa provides the most exquisite services in terms of hair care and spa services. With a staff that is well trained and handpicked by Paule Attar, the technicians are equipped with the best resources to ensure high quality customer satisfaction. We will help you to choose the right styles and designs to suit the shape of your face or if you have something in mind, we will help you to achieve it. You can easily become one of our loyal customers as our customers are always happy to have us as their trusted stylists, masseuse or beauty technicians.